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Release #103

Release #103 is live!

New features & changes:

Deletion of old accounts

With this release, we're making a change to the criteria used for removing old, inactive accounts. Accounts which have posted two entries or fewer will now be considered inactive, instead of just journals with zero entries. An account will be defined as inactive if ALL of the following criteria are true:

  • The account has 2 or fewer entries posted to it.

  • The account has not been logged into (or posted to for communities) in the last 2 years.

  • The account is not a Paid or Permanent account.

  • The account is not in a Memorial or Locked status.

An email will be sent to the current email address for any account which will be affected by this. The owner of any such account can prevent their account from being deleted by logging into or posting to that account. After two weeks, if no action has been taken, the account will be marked as deleted and the account owner will be notified again. Once deleted, the owner will still have 30 days to login to the account to undelete their account. After 30 days, the account is purged and the username will become available for anyone to use through

Adult content changes

The adult content system has changed, and there is now only 1 setting for adult content rather than 2 (adult concepts & explicit adult content). The adult content setting is intended to identify content which is not appropriate for people under the age of 18. Any journal or entry which was flagged as containing explicit adult content will automatically convert to using the new adult content setting. If the journal or entry was marked as containing "adult concepts" it will be set to having no adult content present. Any accounts set to collapse either explicit adult content or adult concepts will have adult content set to be collapsed by default. The settings for adult content in your journal or community, as well as options for viewing adult content, can be managed at

Suspicious login notification emails

Several adjustments have been made to the suspicious login system so that more devices/locations will be stored and associated with your account. This should significantly reduce the number of notification emails being sent about suspicious logins.

Hide entry from ratings

A new checkbox on the update page will allow you to exclude individual entries in the ratings system. This checkbox will only appear if your journal is opted in to the ratings feature, and will allow for more control over which of your entries you want to be less discoverable.

Bug fixes:

  • The link to delete an album in Scrapbook will no longer work if one or more individual images has been selected to help prevent accidental deletion.

  • In the new friends feed, clicking to view an entry will now respect the "View in my style" setting.

  • The "Do not add to friends page and RSS" option on the Update Journal page now properly displays the state of this setting when entries are edited.

  • Images in polls are now collapsed behind image placeholders if you have enabled this feature.

  • Entries with embedded media, such as videos, can now be edited without losing the embed code for the media.

  • Problems getting past the adult content warning page have been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug which caused already uploaded userpics to appear when trying to resize a new image in Internet Explorer 9.

  • Extraneous whitespace at the top of reposted entries has been removed.

  • When crossposting to Twitter, any tags you add to your entry which begin with a # will be added as tags to your Twitter post if there are enough remaining characters to add them to your tweet.
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