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Release #102

Release #102 is now live. This release includes the following:

* Additional customization options for the new friends page.
* Removal of the old version of the Profile page.
* Bug fixes & other changes

Friends Feed:
  • When using the pages option for the Friends feed page (so that a certain number of entries are shown per page, rather than infinite scroll), the page will now indicate when there are new entries to be viewed. A button containing the number of new entries to show will appear on the right side of the page, under the existing calendar, filter, and settings buttons.

  • You can now select to use a Light display style for the Friends feed on the customization page. The selection for the Full/Light display style is at the top of the customization area. The Light display style is a minimalist viewing style and cannot be further customized -- it will always use pagination, standard font and coloring options, and the tags/music/mood/location area will be collapsed if two or more of those items are set for the entry. (The Light version is not available if you use the Lanzelot viewing scheme.)

  • You can now change the headline text of your friends feed page from "Entries feed for (your username)" to any text you prefer. It can be up to 100 characters long, and will automatically add your username to the end of the headline text so it is clear whose friends feed is being viewed.

Profile Page:
The old version of the Profile page has been removed for all users. It is no longer possible to switch back to the previous version of the Profile.

Bug fixes and other changes:
  • A problem with not being able to get past the "confirm you are over 14/18" adult content screens has been resolved.

  • The "Add to entry" link in Scrapbook no longer causes duplicate images to be added to the new entry.

  • Deleting a community entry posted by a purged user no longer generates an error.

  • Switching to a different viewing filter on the new friends feed after navigating back several pages on the first filter now correctly loads the first page of entries in the newly selected filter.

  • The 'Do not add to friends page or RSS' checkbox on the Update Journal page now correctly displays the current state of that option upon editing an entry.

  • Several issues concerning the display of an incorrect number of friends or communities in the Profile page have been fixed.

  • In the Visual Editor, highlighting text and making it into a link via the Insert Link button no longer removes formatting that was already applied to the selected text.

  • Notification emails now contain links for changing the notification's settings or unsubscribing from a particular notification.

  • The tabs for 'Visual Editor | HTML' on the Update Journal page now remain visible as you scroll down the page of a long entry.

  • When viewing a Profile page, a link to view the user's Friends page is now included in the action strip at the top of the page.

  • The Bio section of Profile pages for identity accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc) now properly displays any HTML coding that was used.

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