Mark (markf) wrote in lj_releases,

Release #100

Release #100 is now live!

New Features & Changes

  • The redesigned Friends Feed page has 2 new options which can be reached by clicking on the gear icon on the page, or by going directly to the bottom of the Customize Journal page. You can now adjust the font size for your friends feed, and also switch between having the feed automatically load new entries at the bottom of the page, known as infinite scroll, or include links to view the next/previous 10 entries. Additional customization options for this page are still planned in future releases, including options for customizing colors on the page and the ability to add background images.

  • A link to change tags on entries will now appear on the new Friends Feed page if the entry has any tags and you have permission to change tags for that entry.

  • Friend of a friend functionality has been built into the new Friends feed page. You can now visit to view the friends feed for friends of that user's friends.

  • There are several premium styles now available for purchase in the LiveJournal Shop. Styles can either be purchased for yourself or as a gift for another user. There is also an option to buy out a style, which will prevent anyone else from being able to purchase the style after that point. Anyone who bought the style prior to it being bought-out will, however, still retain it.

  • Logged in users can get to their latest entries page by going to

Bug Fixes

  • The redesigned Profile page now correctly hides the community membership lists when you've chosen to hide the Friend Of list on the Manage Profile page.

  • The new Friends Feed page no longer shows different icons for Friends Only and Custom security levels.

  • Tags used by Syndicated accounts now display correctly on the new Friends Feed page.

  • When the "disable autoformat" option has been enabled on the Update journal page, formatting will not be removed until the entry is posted; Switching between the HTML and Visual editors will no longer remove formatting.
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